Tony Morris's Back to Cain is available from good bookshops around the globe. The ISBN number, 978-0-9767961-0-7, should help you to obtain it.
Also available at:

Regulator Book Shop
Durham, NC

Fireside Book Store
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Back To Cain

"The poems collected here are poems of the waking life in which the poet honestly depicts himself confused about the meaning of events, though attentive to their drama. In poem after poem Morris shows himself to be the mose sympathetic of observers as the world--mainly the small town and rural South--goes on its headlong, headstrong way."

~Mark Jarman, author of To the Green Man


"With eyes not merely satisfied with seeing, Morris collects "strips of color to match the face or story" of some we've prehaps known, as well as thers we learn to know through the alchemy of his words, all characters in this collection are unforgetably alive, a lyrical medley of voices that tune us into the writer's past and present."

~Julie Suk, author of The Dark Takes Aim

You can also order Morris's children's book, A Mumur in a Billybow Tree by emailing him direct
(type "Murmur" in the subject line).